Available in Dell Trade Paperback
May 2001
ISBN: 0-385-33570-9

Richard sees treasure everywhere. In that old eight-track quadraphonic stereo, that pink granite bowling ball, or a Niagara Falls napkin holder. While most people scramble for the newest and the best, Richard searches for the odd and obsolete--and sells it at his second-hand shop on the edge of Detroit. Why does he do it? For Richard, junk is a way of life, a calling, and a passion. Until his comfortable second-hand life gets a first-hand jolt.

Richard’s mother has died, and left behind a valuable house full of packed-away junk--including some old photos that will change everything Richard thought about his parents. And then there’s the hip, thrift-attired woman who comes into his store with more than junk on her mind…. Suddenly some very unexpected things are entering Richard’s life, including some surprising revelations about love and loss--and what’s really important in life.

With an unerring blend of the comic and the poignant, Michael Zadoorian has written an unforgettable novel about bric-a-brac, garage sales, desire, and the bonds we form with people and things--the perfect story for anyone who has ever loved something second hand.

Praise for Second Hand

"If you’re a yard sale lover…Second Hand may feel like a gift from the (Tiki) gods."
-The New York Times Book Review

"An uncommon sweetness and charity toward the castoffs of the world animates this book, which is both funny and moving, especially as it moves toward its surprisingly beautiful ending. Michael Zadoorian has written a fine and wonderful novel about one of the most unusual of subjects: junk, and those who care for the valuable objects, living and dead, that others have thrown away."
-Charles Baxter, author of The Feast of Love

"Second Hand hooked me right away - Zadoorian is a stylist with his own sound. He's a very entertaining writer, hip and funny.
-Elmore Leonard, author of Pagan Babies

"A charming, comic novel."
-Marie Claire

"All my life I have been searching for Satori Junk, the illuminated junk store of Second Hand. Michael Zadoorian speaks to the heart and soul of the junker, but when he writes ‘Junkers know that we don't have to want the things we're told to want, that it's important to love that which seems to have no worth,’ he speaks to all of us searching for worth in our lives."
-Mary Randolph Carter, author of American Junk

"Incisively humorous and surprisingly poignant, this is a quirky, surprisingly tender coming-of-age tale."
-Publisher’s Weekly

"Zadoorian conveys the oft-overlooked beauty of cast-offs, be they vinyl records, photographs, mismatched dinette chairs, or even people."
-Al Hoff, author of Thrift Score

"Second Hand is a lovely object … a sensitive, yearning, and romantic story."
-Austin Chronicle

"Wonderful…a novel about finding value in the most unlikely places."
-Tampa Tribune Times

"Anyone who has found delight in a thrift store, captured glee in finding that perfect scarf or that retro chair, will equally squeal with delight at this novel."

"Astonishingly mandatory and compelling... frequent fascinating and insightful meditations on the nature of stuff."
-John Marr, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A wonderful book."
-Chris Jussel, host of Antiques Roadshow

"How can one capture the spirit of this wondrous book in so few words?…Marvelous observations about secondhand items and life in general…readers will thoroughly enjoy this book and will be sorry when it ends."
-Library Journal

ABA BOOK SENSE 76 Selection

Barnes & Noble DISCOVER Selection

Borders Best of 2000 Fiction & Literature Selection

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